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Empowerment Workshops at Athletes for Hope

A prominent nonprofit organization with operations across the United States, Athletes for Hope strives to help athletes have a positive impact on their communities. Athletes for Hope uses its Causeway program to develop a curriculum for athletes at a wide range of competitive levels, including professional sports leagues and the Olympics. Athletes for Hope offers a series of three workshops, designed to teach athletes of all ages about the importance of community service and charitable giving.

Athletes typically begin their education at Athletes for Hope with the 1.0 Empowerment workshop, which gives participants an introductory look at the Athletes for Hope curriculum. Athletes participate in a diverse array of debates and exercises, which enable them to explore their roles in the community and their community service goals. The Empowerment workshop covers topics such as the impact of fame on charitable outreach programs and the value of time vs. money. After completing the introductory workshop, athletes have the opportunity to participate in the Options for Impact and Vehicles for Giving workshops.