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Athletes for Hope’s Workshop Progression

Athletes for Hope understands the importance of educating athletes about philanthropy and the wide variety of ways in which they can give back to the community with their time. To ensure that professional and Olympic athletes have access to this information, Athletes for Hope has developed a three-part workshop program that explores the role of the athlete in the community and teaches participants how to identify their unique philanthropic passions. More than 1,000 athletes in 20 different sports have participated in these events.

The first workshop, Empowerment, uses debates and exercises to examine the social responsibilities of an athlete. During the workshop, participants talk and learn about how their level of fame influences their charity and the value of their time.

In the second workshop, Options for Impact, athletes are challenged to think critically about the causes that matter the most to them and the ways in which they can become involved with those causes. One of the central themes of this course is passion.

Vehicles for Giving, the third workshop, focuses on the issues that must be addressed before starting a foundation or engaging in other philanthropic pursuits. Participants debate the pros and cons of various means of philanthropy.