The Who Gives Campaign from Athletes for Hope

Athletes for Hope brings athletes together in support of important programs and initiatives in their communities and around the world. Through Athletes for Hope, athletes can engage in a variety of important social action initiatives, from awareness campaigns to fundraisers.

Recently, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk kicked off the Who Gives Campaign on behalf of Athletes for Hope. This campaign involved three phases and inspired more than two months of conversation, debate, and giving on the part of athletes and others. Phase 1 involved an online debate about the obligation of athletes to give back. Phase 2 consisted of an online challenge featuring athletes competing against one another to raise money for their charities, which culminated in raising more than $250,000 for over 50 organizations. Phase 3, centered around the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., saw dozens of athletes around the country donating their time to charities.

The Who Gives Campaign is only one of several initiatives facilitated by Athletes for Hope throughout the year. Others include a September 11th campaign and Hope for the Holidays initiative.